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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Final Jeopardy: Reston's Dan Jensen Loses Day 4; Walks Away With As Much As $72,804

gameshow.jpgDan Jensen, we hardly knew ye:

The streak has ended. Reston weeps.

Tempting fate once too often with a shirt in a borderline DRB-acceptable white, our native son Dan Jensen loses on his fourth Jeopardy appearance. The reigning champ faces fierce competition from fellow contestants Justin from Canada and Sally, who lives in a nun-run residence in New York City (one imagines the good Sisters hovering over poor cowering Sally, wielding their WMD/weapon of merciless discipline yardsticks as she crams for tonight's appearance: "Faster on the signaling device! Study harder! Pick up the pace!"). Sally takes a $6,400 lead over Dan at the end of round one, and keeps pouring it on in the second round, as does Justin. While Dan does well in the category of brand logos -- perhaps too much time spent in our awesome midscale retail outlets at RTC? -- he ends the second round in last place with $12,400. All three contestants correctly deduce that Jackson Pollock is the correct answer in Final Jeopardy, but Sally bets big and ends up champ at $33,601, with Justine second at $25,300 and Dan third at $14,601.

But we salute Dan for a game well played and for a great run while it lasted. You make us proud, Dan, to call ourselves Restonians.
That, courtesy of our Chief Game Show Correspondent, The Peasant From Less Sought After South Reston.

Jensen walked away from the experience with $72,804. Not too shabby. And for the Dan Jensens of the world, there's this:

Update: If there's one thing we don't know, it's the rules about losing on Jeopardy:
As I recall, and as listed in Wikipedia's Jeopardy entry, third place contestants win only $1,000 for their appearance that day, regardless of how much they win in the game itself, so Dan's grand total for the four days may be "only" $59,203.

Oh well, back to writing about DRB regulations.
If there was actually a game show about that, we'd have enough Turtle Wax to last a hundred lifetimes.


  1. I think there's an RA regulation that prohibits the waxing of tutrles.

  2. I knew I shouldn't have switched from the DRB-approved "purple thistle" shirt! But at least with the winnings I can realize my dream in renovating the Bowman distillery into an oxygen bar.

  3. What was the question for the answer "who is Jackson Pollack" that was given that day? I was watching with my family and I finally answered one right that I wajered on and finally won.

    Really curious artist


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