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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Day Is His! Reston Man Wins Day 3 of Jeopardy

Categories-celebrity-jeopardy-135860_400_326.jpgChief Restonian Jeopardy Correspondent The Peasant From Less Sought After South Reston weighs in with this update on Dan Jensen, our local boy done good on the teevee, after he survived his third night on Jeopardy:

Dan The Man hits the trifecta (or a hat trick, for you Caps fans) and wins his third game in a row, but not without some heart-stopping moments such as losing his entire $4,200 in the first round's Daily Double when he thinks Simon Bolivar, from whom Hugo Chavez is reincarnated, is buried in Cartagena and not Caracas. Dan is in second place when the first round ends, but rebounds nicely in the second round, thanks especially to his acing the phobia category of "animals who scare me". We think Dan has perhaps spent too much time out in the Reston woods having close encounters with varmints and latex-gloved creepos. Dan ends the second round with $16,800, a substantial lead but not enough to assure victory. In the final Jeopardy category of "Symbols", all three contestants answer correctly that the symbol of two snakes (those varmints again) separated by a staff is a caduceus. Dan wins $18,001 dollars, bringing his three-day total to an impressive $58,203.

We attribute the relatively narrow margin of victory today, some $2,400, to the fact that Dan wore a shirt that was barely borderline DRB-approved in color...some shade of off-white, apparently. Russet brown, Dan, russet brown!
Jensen is a 2000 graduate of South Lakes High School and works at Champps. Too bad he wasn't a contestant on Wheel of Fortune, as he'd start out with an extra P.


  1. Anonymous,
    Although I don't recall a specific instance of someone cutting their lip on a beer glass, that's definitely not a 'fun night out'. I'm sorry that we served you a chipped glass, cut your lip, and had no presence of mind to do anything about it. At the very least, we shouldn't be taking your money for that visit.
    Either I or our General Manager are in 60 hours in any given week, so if you would like to stop by, odds are one of us will be there to apologize in person.

  2. What exactly is a manager supposed to do besides give coupons? To the contrary, you seem like a douchebag for wishing ill on someone for such a petty non-event.

  3. Wow, now I feel like a douchebag. Douchebags all around!


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