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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

We're #1, Even Without a Wegmans! (At Least in Virginia)

The hits just keep coming for our favorite plastic fantastic planned community! After being scientifically proven to be precisely one better than Ashburn, our particleboard Nirvana to the west, this year the listicle-generating monkeys chained to their typewriters at CNNTimeMoneyFakeNews headquarters have declared Reston the best place to live in Virginia, presumably edging out such bucolic locales as Miner's Lung, Oysterman's Phlegm, and Big Box Nexus Off I-95 in the redder greener parts of the state. We did it, you guys! Even without a Wegmans! Or a filthy, x-rated "park"!

We, too, are shocked. Here's what they said:

Reston was once just an idea. In the early 1960s, architect and economist Robert E. Simon mapped out a vision for a community that upheld open space, recreational facilities, and aesthetic beauty. Today, the thriving Washington, D.C., suburb includes expanses of parks, lakes, golf courses, and bridle paths. Reston Town Center, the community hub, provides an array of dining, entertainment, and shopping venues; the town is also the site of a Google office and five of the largest venture capital firms in Virginia, as well as a Metro rail station for Washington commuters.
Well, that last bit has proven to be a bit of a minus. But okay!

Of course, this is the photo they used to depict exactly what makes Reston the best place to live in the state:

Yes, that's the Lake Fairfax Water Mine -- which, as anyone knows when they clear the pool for "accident cleanup" on a hot day, can typify the Reston experience, ca. 2018, the end.


  1. Did our beloved McTacoHut get a mention? Asking for a friend!

  2. Pretty sure it was the recent addition of the Tacos and More restaurant near McTacoHut. Seriously, the place is amazing and reasonably priced. Go there. Tell everyone you know. And even those you don't. Good food without app-based paid parking is how you win. Stay low-density, everyone, with taco consumption as an exception.


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