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Friday, November 4, 2016

Reston: The Magazine Gets With The Program


Now that the Fairfax Board of Supervisors has doubled tripled down on transit-oriented development by approving putting schools in high-rises, it's nice to see that Reston: The Magazine is moving beyond covenant-themed word finds and pool pass information to address the real issues of the day. Flipping through the most recent issue hand-delivered to Restonian World Headquarters by uniformed federal agents, we think we detected a subtle theme, of sorts. Can you spot it?

Change is Inevitable


Silver Line

Still can't quite put our finger on it.

Reston biz center

Wait, it's coming to us.


Oh, that! Fortunately, like all good magazines, Reston: The Magazine has some sweeeet centerfold action to get us all titillated:

Centerfold 2


Centerfold 1

We think there's some sort of subliminal message hidden behind all these sweeeeet renderings. Can you spot it?

Total Dream

Okay, so maybe this one isn't so subtle.

Actually, we don't disagree that change is inevitable. We hope this magazine is a signal that the Reston Association is committed to engaging and being an active part in shaping the process in a responsible way -- at least to the extent that the county is willing to allow it, or all of us, to be. But couldn't we get a little bit of diversion from all this, fancy glossy magazine?

Killer robots

Our future robotic overlords preparing to enslave us by replacing our spleens with electronic mind-control chips? Works for us, the end.


  1. No argument with "change is inevitable," but it sure would be better if the change were progress, not destruction.

    1. If you read the really, really small fine print below the "Change Is Inevitable" title, it says, "So Suck It Up, Powerless Pawn."

  2. Hope they are paying the Falston Group for the use of phrase "World Class" in the Architecture In Reston article.

    BTW, is it only me or is the wedge building kind of strange looking?

    1. it's no stranger looking than the "toilet bowl building" on 123 north of Vienna
      what kind of architectural statement is that, we wonder?
      guess these buildings remind us all that the whole area around here is going down the toilet from bulldozers and overdevelopment


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