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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Reston's November Surprise


"Maybe not so predictably blue after all," Confidential Restonian Operative "Jane" said in response to this SHOCKING cellular telephone photo of an American Flag and Trump sign suspended over South Lakes Drive this morning. "Near the high school (where the CHILDREN) can see it!" she adds.

There's been a billboard-sized Trump sign along Wiehle Avenue, in a "Super Zip" just outside the friendly confines of our earth-toned Nirvana, for some time. But this one strikes close to home. Is our reputation as an archipelago of blue among a sea of angry, meals tax-hatin' red about to come to a close? Will Reston be Great Again? Or is the precariously hanging Trump sign a metaphor for the state of our polity? The mind boggles.


  1. House on North VIlliage by Lake Newport Pool put up Trump signs over night. Guessing Trump people are worried about showing their ignorance and racism?

    1. Clearly out of fear they'd get torn down by snowflake liberals like you. I did the same thing with my Halloween decorations (for the same reason). :) I'm just waiting for a snarky post on this page about the election outcome. Something tells me I might have to wait a while..

    2. Reston, Fairfax County, and Virginia all voted for not-Trump. Gloat elsewhere.

    3. Trump won because he threw raw meat to mad dogs.

      Hate, fear, and ignorance were at the core of his campaign because they're at the core of his psyche, and will be at the core of his administration.

      Any other interpretation of the outcome is simply window-dressing, and therefore totally bogus.

    4. The outcome was liberals RIOTING in the streets because they didn't get their way. CNN repeatedly admitted that the Democrats ignored the working class in this country. Hillary was a horrible candidate. That is reality. Call him a Nazi, racist and homophobe all you want. America called you on your bullsh*t.

  2. Well, wait until the last minute. Haha!

  3. OH MY GOD!! An American Flag AND a Trump Flag where Children could see it? Safe Place counselors are on the way. Reston is Hilarious.


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