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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Stay Classy, Reston! San Diego TV News Helicopter Falls Through Wormhole, Materializes Over 13th Hole of Reston National Golf Course


Someone get Ron Burgundy on the phone. We found Chopper Dave.

Confidential Restonian Operative "Mary Anne" forwarded this photo of a helicopter that was hovering over the 13th hole of Reston National Golf Course for most of the day on Tuesday. A little Internet sleuthing confirmed that it was this helicopter, bearing the markings of a news chopper from this teevee station in San Diego where Regis Philbin once worked.


Now, most teevee Action McNews stations don't own their own copters -- they lease them from helicopter companies. And this particular helicopter is owned by one such company based in New Jersey. And it's been flying around the D.C. area recently, landing and taking off from a general aviation airport near... Fort Meade.

Is this getting weird yet?

The mind boggles. Is Anchorman 3: Anchor Harder going to be filmed on location in Reston? Are RNGC's owners, having withdrawn plans to create a bollardy wonderland of mixed-use development, secretly plotting the transformation of the golf course into a helodrome out of spite? Or has the RA given up on its clandestine DRB drone development program and opted instead to use manned aircraft to spot unpainted party walls and other affronts from the sky?

Your wild conspiracy theories guesses are as good as ours. Unfortunately, Reston's own "Ron Burgundy" was unavailable for comment, so the mystery remains.

Anchorman chopper

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  1. Should actually be Anchorman 3: Anchor With a Vengeance


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