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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Neither Rain Nor Snow, But An Unplowed Parking Lot Stymies Uniformed Federal Agents in Post-Snowpocalyptic Reston


Schools closed until March? Totally expected.

A subway system that barely operates in good weather is still getting back up to speed? Sure.

Snowplows missing neighborhoods for days on end? Hey, it happens.

Federal gubmint not open? They'd just be busy promoting that stupid climate change stuff, anyway. Serves them right.

Uniformed federal agents not patrolling our neighborhoods? Now we're surprised. The Postal Service have always been the badasses of our post-Snowpocalypses past, typically delivering our vital mattress store circulars and bills well before anything else gets back to normal. Check out this dude in New Jersey! But not this time, at least not in Reston. Give us some good blockquote, BFFs at Reston Now:

The parking lot of the Reston branch of the post office, located at 11110 Sunset Hill Rd., remains unplowed as of Tuesday at 11 a.m.

The government building is supposed to be plowed by a private contractor who has not been there since the storm began Friday, a source said.

The post office remains closed until the lot is plowed. There will also be no mail delivery in Reston until that happens as the mail trucks are staged from that area, a post office employee said.

Wait. A private contractor is slowing up the government? Tell the folks at the Heritage Foundation to put on another pot of coffee. It's going to be a long night.


  1. This is exactly why we need the National Postal Emergency Alternate Command Site to be established pronto at Chesapeake Chocolates in Lake Anne.

  2. "Plowed" may be a more apt description of the road crew that finally showed than of the streets in our little corner of paradise.

    The plow, on a pickup truck immediately got stuck. The front-end loader finally came back and pulled the pickup out of the ditch. Then more pickups with plows showed. They held a traffic jam. No snow was moved.

    About sunset they all went away. An area about 30 by 30' was cleared. shows our little corner of paradise as "In Progress."

    Lord love a duck!

  3. This is Boston-like behavior, where the weather and people are cold. Come on, guys!


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