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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Children's Treasury of Passive Aggressive Objects Left in Snowbound Reston Parking Lots

Now that we're starting to dig out, it's time to witness neighbors being neighborly -- about everything except that parking space they spent an hour and a half digging out. Confidential Restonian Operative "Pedro" shared these photos from around Northgate Square.

That Guy

"Don't be that guy." If the words don't make you think twice, that precariously leaning metal contraption will.

Sign 2

Extra points for politeness.


"It's is busy please, thank you."

Busy copycat

Such effective language was just begging to be copied.



Not a lot of laundry's getting done in Northgate these days.

Cat litter

Catwoman's parking space.

Art installation

This art installation challenges and confounds the viewer. What is the purpose of the bucket? A tool used to capture and store liquids in times of scarcity, it is now elevated on a pedestal to highlight its venerated status during a time of abundant precipitation. All hail, red bucket!

Or maybe its owners wanted to make sure people saw the plastic stepstool before they pulled into the spot at 20 mph.


Sometimes, you've just got to appreciate the classics, the end.


  1. Points for creativity. Beats the folding chair in the spot.

  2. Daggone intellectual giants! Of all the nerve...


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