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Thursday, May 21, 2015

We're #16! Reston Ranked Top 'Creative-Class City', Herndon Ranked Perfectly Fine Milquetoast Suburb

HipsterificIt was only a matter of time after the food trucks started circling: Reston has been named one of the top "creative class" cities in the country. So says the Washington Post "news paper", which points out that the D.C. region has the largest concentration of annoying hipsters "creative class" workers, which "includes not only artists, but also scientists and other highly educated professionals."

Topping the list is Cupertino, California, where they make those, whazzitcalled, iPods. Tysons (or McLean) ranked #3, probably because of all the cornhole and table tennis. Also on the list are Bethesda, Potomac, Arlington, and North Bethesda.

Our favorite correspondent, The Peasant From Less Sought After South Reston, gloats: "Between all those bomb-strapped dolphins and Reston: The Opera, how could we not have made this list?"

Meanwhile, in our neighbors to the west, they're bragging about being ranked the third-best Virginia suburb -- you know, one of those bland, boring places where nothing ever happens. Also on the list are Falls Church (zzzz), Vienna (zzzz), Leesburg (zzzz), Williamsburg (which was last lively around 1776), Manassas Park (whose charms we've documented before)... and the list goes on, but honestly our eyes glazed over once we got to Chesapeake.

But don't worry: Our neighbors aren't jealous of our creative-class ways. In a recent article about plans for a fancy downtown redevelopment (maybe yet another expansion of Jimmy's Old Town Tavern?), town officials the article flatly declared: "There is no threat of Herndon morphing into another Reston."

Ain't that the truth.


  1. Sadly, your typical DC-area "creative class" worker looks less like the charming hipster pictured above and more like Lewis from Revenge of the Nerds. Also, he's a lot more interested in C+++ than artisanal smoked bacon.

  2. Everyone loves a lame list. At least Reston avoided the "Best Suburbs for Millennials in Virginia" list. I suppose we missed the cutoff for number of residents with smartphone induced ADD. I also wish the term Millennials would go away and never return.

  3. What does a brewed Nano look like,anyway? Wait . . . I'll ask my phone. Live. Work. Play. Stare at your phone.


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