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Friday, April 30, 2010

Reston vs. Herndon: A Brief But Informative Photographic Essay

Even though the U.S. Census apparently sees no difference between our fair communities, we've made a lot of hay pointing out the differences between Reston and Herndon, going so far as to call our neighbors to the west the anti-Reston. Now there's photographic proof, thanks to our Facebook BFFs at the Observer, who posted photos from two activities last weekend.

First, the Reston activity:

A bunch of people, stone cold checking out an owl at the Nature House as part of Earth Day festivities. Nice!

Meanwhile, in Herndon this was going on:

Yep, they're blessing motorcycles.

Discuss amongst yourselves.


  1. Too bad the photographer didn't hang around Herndon a bit longer. After the blessing, a local rabbi sawed off an inch of tailpipe on that Harley.

  2. But do you think that it gives the bike a cleaner, more streamlined look that the girls like better?

    Freedom is a warm day, an open highway and a big bike with your favorite girl on the back.

    My goodness, if only I could talk my wife into letting me get another motorcycle. Oh, well. I suppose that the new lawnmower will have to do.

  3. Peasant From Less Sought After South RestonMay 1, 2010 at 4:29 PM

    Or, hooters vs. scooters, so to speak.

  4. Broke in Charter Oak (BiCO): Soon-to-Be "Amongst the 'Hoods in Colvin Woods" and Eventually "Arlington's Sexiest Simpleton (ASS)"May 2, 2010 at 12:40 PM

    All I know for certain is that Herndon has Jimmy's. Reston has NOTHING like Jimmy's. Score one for Herndon! Herndon has a REAL downtown. Score another for Herndon. Herndon has throngs of day laborers roaming the streets. Score one for Reston. Herndon has much more crime. Score one for Reston. Overall I'd call it a wash.

  5. Reston has BiCO. Score one for Herndon.

  6. Reston has the Macaroni Grill. Herndon has Zeffirelli's.

    Score another for Herndon.

  7. Herndon has the chance to elect progressive new leadership on Tuesday May 4th at the Herndon Community Center. Tell all your friends in the Town to make time to vote - and cast a ballot for Sheila Olem, Cesar del Aguila, Lisa Merkel, Grace Wolf, Carl Sivertsen and Daniel Alvarado. Forward-thinking people who will take Herndon into the 21st century. Next thing you know, Reston will be called the Anti-Herndon. Herndon is an amazing place to live, work and play and deserves better leadership and better representation than it has had for the past several years.

    May 4th - will be a NEW DAY FOR HERNDON.

  8. Herndon has the Russia House. Score one for Reston.

  9. How fitting that the elections in Herndon should happen on the eve of Cinco de Mayo. If the Commonwealth should take a page from Arizona's playbook, we may be calling Herndon a Ghost Town.

    Jan Brewer, I want to have your baby!

  10. Herndon's grittier and a lot more real. I'll take Jimmy's and the little area by the train caboose over Reston's fake downtown anyday.

    Herndon's also got an Ethiopian place now, Reston's still stuck with the Macaroni Grill. Score two for Herndon.

  11. Herndon has an actual police force, Reston's fake downtown has mall cops - make that three for Herndon.

  12. Ever had to deal with Herndon's farm town cops before? Remove one from Herndon; score one for Reston.

    Herndon: It's a nice place to dine, but I wouldn't want to live there.

  13. Herndon has a Gun Store. Score one for Herndon.
    Reston has an Apple Store. Score one for Herndon.


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