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Friday, March 13, 2015

Shoveling Snow and Walking Around Lakes: Two Great Reston Activities Now Conclusively Proven Dangerous To Your Well-Being

In the last week, we've learned that digging your car out of the snow can be hazardous to your health (at least when it's done at 2:15 in the morning). Give us some good blockquote that doesn't include approximately 900 racially tinged comments, BFFs at Reston Now:

A man was shoveling snow off his car in Reston when he was held up at gunpoint early on Friday, Fairfax County Police said.

The victim was shoveling out his car in the 11600 block of North Shore Road near the intersection of Clubhouse Road about 2:15 a.m. when he was approached by two men, he told police. The first suspect grabbed the victim and demanded property, but the victim resisted and a struggle occurred. During the struggle, the second suspect displayed a handgun, which allowed the first suspect to take property and cash, police said.
Fortunately, all that snow is (almost) gone, and it's starting to feel like spring. Maybe a nice relaxing walk around the lake will help calm the nerves. Wait now, what's this?

Confidential Restonian Operative "Cujo" has the "deets," as the kids haven't said for at least a few years now:
Fairfax Police have plastered these notices all over Lake Audubon in the hope that the brain-dead jogger who owns the dog can be found and the victim doesn't have to undergo rabies shots after being attacked this past Saturday.  Love the description of the owner as having "leash in hand".  News flash to Ms. Moron: the leash goes on the dog, not around your hand.  All too typical, unfortunately, of too many dog owners around here who have their dogs off-leash on the Reston trails because "my sweet little poochie would NEVER hurt anyone".
We're staying inside and hoping our lighting fixtures don't become sentient, the end.

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