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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Decorative Floor Lamp in '15! Meet the Reston Association Board Candidates, Eerily Omnipresent Lighting Fixture

Please to be enjoying this YouTubes video featuring statements from all eight of the Reston Association Board candidates. But not the Decorative Floor Lamp looming over each candidate's left shoulder.

Floor Lamp 1
The Decorative Floor Lamp is not on the ballot. It has no statement for you, the media, or anyone else.

Candidates and issues come and go, but the Decorative Floor Lamp is always present, a subtle reminder of the Deep State -- or, in this case, the Deep HOA.

Floor Lamp 2
Ballots are due in by March 30; we should know the winners of the election shortly thereafter. But regardless of who wins or loses, we know one thing: The Decorative Floor Lamp will be there.

Floor Lamp 2

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