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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Eight RA Board Candidates, A Whole Lot of Words

Word Cloud
Please to be enjoying this word salad careful, computer-assisted analysis of the official statements of all eight Reston residents seeking a seat on the RA Board of Directors this year. Apparently they all like "Reston" and "community," which is good, plus "committees," which is maybe good, depending on the committee. Interestingly, the word "golf," the cause of some unpleasantness of late, figures less prominently than "values" and "space." Sadly, the word "bocce" is conspicuously absent. If we just keep staring at this for another 20 minutes, we're certain we'd crack the code and determine the deep secrets the RA is hiding, but, you know, the judge shows are about to come on the teevee and whatnot.

Eight candidates are seeking four seats on the Board: two at-large seats, plus the North Point and South Lakes seats. Current board member Richard Chew is facing challenges from former board member Andy Sigle and newcomer Julie Bitzer for the South Lakes seat. In North Point, recently appointed incumbent Dannielle LaRosa faces a challenge from Charles Dorfeuille.

Three people are vying for the two at-large seats, including incumbent Michael Sanio and challengers Bart Astor and Ray Wedell.

It's nice to see an election where all seats are contested, which hasn't always been the case. There's plenty on the board's plate, after all, and the more these issues get talked about during this election season, the better.


  1. Those are some... inspiring words. Especially "filings" and "task". Fiery rhetoric, to be sure!

  2. Looks to me like they've added Peter Max to the Creative Team at RA.

  3. I noticed that none of the candidates mentioned the phrase "radio shack" and "battery replacement club card". This is very troubling to me and shows that they are out of touch with the major issues. Why did I move to Reston in the first place?

    1. Glory Days killed Radio Shack!


  4. also conspicuously absent:

    Oxford Brown
    vending machines
    Taco Tuesday


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