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Monday, March 16, 2015

A Children's Treasury of Photos From Reston's Mini-Maker Faire

This past weekend, the second annual NoVa Mini Maker Faire attracted more than 3,000 visitors to South Lakes High School, the extraneous "e" on its name notwithstanding. Our favorite correspondent, the Peasant From Less Sought After South Reston, provided this account:

Channeling his inner Sheldon-Leonard-Howard (Raj, unfortunately, was busy randomly cold-calling Microsoft users to warn them that their Windows operating system had a virus), the Peasant From Less Sought After South Reston moseyed on over to South Lakes High on Sunday to see what this "NoVa Mini-Maker Faire" hoopla was all about.  In his befuddled state, the Peasant originally thought it might have something to do with the wee folk from Santa's North Pole workshop, but no, this was Geekdom Kingdom in all its power and glory.  For the benefit of fellow peasants who likewise have barely transitioned from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age, here are some "digital daguerreotypes" showing a few highlights of the event.

Rats!  Barbarians at the gate!  What are these intruders from the Particleboard Kingdom to our west doing here?  Here's the working model of how we plan to fling them back to where they belong in the Valley of Death, aka Ashburn.

Below is something for the folks living by the Reston National Golf Course ...The McDermott-inator!  An autonomous drone system designed to seek out sleazy Northwest Mutual lawyers and terminate flimsy lawsuits with extreme prejudice.

And here's the flow chart of the RA decision-making process rendered in exquisite 3-D.  Watch out for those banned pastels!

Whoa -- time travel!  The original (non) spandexed speed demon of the Lawyers Road-Dieted Velodrome, circa 1890.

Here's a nifty new cost-saving device the RA will be introducing shortly to cut the cost of communicating with its membership.  Having heard enough complaints about the cost of printing that glossy quarterly magazine, our earth-toned overlords are going high tech with this state of the art communication device known as a "tele-type".  Don't have one at home to receive the latest bulletins about verboten paint shades?  Set your mind at ease, citizen!  When there's important news to send, the RA staff will transport this "tele-type" to each of the 20,000 or so residential addresses in Reston one by one, plug in the doodad, and print out the message just for you!  Does the concept of personalized service get any better than this?
Finally, when a coronal mass ejection from the Sun hits our planet, or when North Korea detonates its nuclear arsenal in outer space and creates an electro-magnetic pulse powerful enough to fry every last electronic device on Earth...resourceful Restonians will take it all in stride and just say "No problemo!"  Why?  Because they live in a sustainable neighborhood and are adept at making both cordage from native plants and flint knives, that's why.  As the End of Days looms on the horizon, Reston survival preppers will march forth with steely (or flinty) resolve to partake of the bountiful garlic mustard harvest in the Reston woodlands.  And for those Restonians of an amazing randy persuasion, although their DVR copies of "Fifty Shade of (DRB-approved) Grey" are now sadly useless, they DO have at their disposal for their boudoir antics all that handmade native plant cordage woven from only the finest invasive English ivy... 

On second thought, stuff it. Despite all the great technology and creativity on display at the Faire, this is where we're going! 


Given our Ben & Jerrys at RTC, Reston is practically Vermont, only with fewer cows.


  1. Braniac grandson spent most of his time building hovercraft, and the rest at the chaos machine. I didn't get to see a fraction of the Fair(e). Rats!

  2. Didn't I see Calvin and his Transmogrifier at the fair?


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