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Monday, January 5, 2015

Shocker: Bank Robbery Arrest Contradicts Common Metro Meme

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the arrival of a Metro station to a community, earth-toned or otherwise, brings with it undesirables crime. So it's hardly surprising that when four high-profile and unusually brazen bank robberies took place inside a couple of Reston grocery stores, at Reston Town Center, and on Reston Parkway over the holiday season, people happily crowedexpressed concern that this is exactly what happens when the Metro comes to town:

Screen Shot 2015 01 05 at 3 49 26 PM
HOT TAKE. There's some logic to it. After all, there have never been bank robberies in Reston before, not even ones with extremely athletic perpetrators who sweat the details. Pre-Metro, Reston was an idyllic place, where the only crimes were committed by canoe. And we all know that while you can't bring a cup of coffee on the Metro without getting the side-eye, folks wearing facemarks and carrying sacks of money or widescreen TVs are constantly jockeying for seats during rush hour. Right?

Well, turns out that Fairfax police made an arrest today in two of December's bank robberies, and the alleged suspect is from DCPG County Reston. Wait, what?

Following a joint investigation with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Marshal’s Service, and FCPD Robbery Section, detectives arrested a 30-year old Fairfax County man and have tied him to two area bank robberies in recent months.

Jason Sharpe, of Blueberry Lane in the Reston area faces bank robbery charges for crimes that took place on December 10 and 15, 2015.

He was arrested at around noon on Wednesday, December 31 while leaving a friend’s home in the Reston area. In addition to the bank robbery warrants, he was also charged with probation violation, and forgery and identity theft, stemming from warrants in Fredericksburg, Va. in October 2014.

Detectives are continuing to investigate.
Well, maybe he commutes to work on the Metro.

Our BFFs at Reston Now point out that he has not yet been charged in the Nov. 26 robbery at Presidential Bank on Reston Parkway or the Dec. 29 robbery at the PNC Branch inside the North Point Giant -- just the incidents at RTC and the Hunters Woods Safeway. No truth to the rumor that investigators are focusing on this enigmatic clue left behind at the scene of the most recent robbery:

A clue


  1. Fairfax County Police got the location of the perp's address wrong. There is no Blueberry Lane in Reston but there is one in Chantilly, near the intersection of Rt. 50 and Stringfellow Road.

    But glad anyway that they caught this hood from the hood who didn't have his lucky red hoodie on him at the time.

    1. Maybe we need to tear up Fairfax County Pkwy to keep the Chantilly trash from our sublime suburb.

  2. Ya know - it's not exactly cheap to take the Metro from PG to Reston. I can't see a criminal going out of his way to rob homes in Reston and then pay a lot more to get back to his/her crib.

    People act as though criminals are going to come and take our large flat screens and carry them away on the Silver Line. Stupidity.

    1. Peasant From Less Sought After South RestonJanuary 5, 2015 at 11:06 PM

      It applies only those low IQ criminals who have watched too many episodes of The Lone Ranger and think the line "Hi Ho Silver, and away!" refers to Metro.

  3. Mr. Sharpe aint't too sharp, apparently. Probably one of his homies snitched on him for the $5,000 reward.

  4. Thank you, Restonian. Now trollish commentators can cruelly focus on the perpetrator's race, not his preferred mode of transportation.

  5. Not only would criminals need to carry large TVs on the Silver Line, but they would also have to transfer there from a Fairfax Connector bus unless they robbed the Comstock site! I can just imagine the sight of someone waiting along North Shore at a bus stop with a TV and bags of other stuff for a rarely on-time RIBS bus to get to Wiehle.

  6. Following the federal sentencing guidelines, should Mr. Sharpe be adjudicated guilty of his crimes, he won't be riding the Silver Line anywhere for a very long time, likely a couple of decades.

  7. He's from South Reston..shocking..

  8. Professional thieves steal small things that are easily carried out of homes.

    Jewelry, watches, small electronics etc.

    People who saw what happened to Springfield Mall and the surrounding area were the ones who raised concern about the Metro most likely.


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