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Monday, September 22, 2014

Flashback Monday: A Requiem for One of Reston's First Businesses

Today's the day that Lakeside Pharmacy closes for good, after its new owner and its long-time operator were unable to find another pharmacist willing to take on the business.

With it goes the last of Reston's very first businesses, as seen in this fancy map we've written about at length before:

Here's a 1964 article celebrating the arrival of the pharmacy.

Now Lakeside Pharmacy joins the ranks of Meenehans Hardware, the Quay Club, whatever that was, the Safeway, and a whole host of other Lake Anne businesses that have closed their doors in more recent years. And Larry Cohn, who has owned the pharmacy for 44 of its 49 years, gets a well-deserved break.

Good luck, Larry. You'll be missed.

Update: Twitter person "Reston" shared this Twitter photo of the now-closed post office at the back of the pharmacy.

No more mail
Fun fact: When the pharmacy first opened, a first-class stamp would set you back five cents.


  1. Sorry to see Larry go, but happy for him

  2. Just got my last refills today from Larry. Sorry to see him go.

  3. Seeing that post office sign made me feel all the feels. It's an end of an era.

    1. Dog nab it! The Lawyers are now all cats! ;)


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