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Friday, September 19, 2014

Two Restons, Still Chafing Under the Yoke

While our BFFs in Reston's doppelganger across the pond failed to throw off the yoke of British oppression a strong currency and universal healthcare at the polls last night, we're sure they can find some solace that we fellow Restonians continue to chafe under the yoke of oppressive county masters with their master plans and "transit-oriented development" and oppressively bleak "downtown" and good schools, and... um.... give us a minute.

Our favorite correspondent, the always-practical Peasant From Less Sought-After South Reston, posed an important question:

Will this referendum inspire those Restonians living on Scotch Bonnet Court to likewise secede so that they are no longer associated with those who llive on Olde English Drive?


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  1. Oh, it's from a movie...for a second there I thought Mel was engaging in one of his (allegedly) anti-Semitic rants again! He's wearing Deacon Blue, maybe he is cheering his team on against the Crimson Tide?


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