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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Big Chunks of South Reston are Drone-Free Zones

No drones

As the Russet Brown paint on Restonian World Headquarters begins to crack and peel in the summer sun, we keep looking skyward for one of the DRB drones we assume will soon be plying the skies of our favorite earth-toned community on the prowl for violators. Turns out, though, that big chunks of Reston are no-fly zones for drones.

Our BFFs at the Washington Post "news paper" shared this fancy map showing areas in which flying drones is strictly verboten, due to the proximity of Dulles Airport. As you can see, big chunks of South Reston -- pretty much anything west of Reston Parkway -- are off-limits to drones. North of the Toll Road, Reston's Fake Downtown narrowly escapes the exclusion zone, but some of the townhouses to its west are off-limits. And don't even think of attempting an emergency landing in the Target parking lot.

However, we are happy to report that this video is totally legal. Maybe if we squint, we'll be able to see this drone's robotic sister.

See the map here. And shout-out to our favorite correspondent and resident expert on all things droney, the Peasant from Less Sought After South Reston.


  1. See RC plane flying over RTC in 2009:

  2. Great. I'm in the Drone Zone. I wonder whether the DRB would be offended if I started flying anti-aircraft barrage balloons?

    1. I was thinking more of an Iron Dome of my own, but since regardless of the direction of the winds my domicile always happens to be under the approach path to IAD (no, not the Iraqi Army Division, and no, not iAd, and no, not Internet Addiction Disorder, though come to think of it... oh, forget it, the freakin' airport) and black 'copters like circling around day and night with a heavily armed guy hanging out, about to fall off, I decided it would be just too messy for the landscapers to clean up.

  3. Peasant From Less Sought After South RestonAugust 1, 2014 at 9:24 AM

    When can I start shooting down Amazon's planned drone delivery system with my Navy surplus CWIS anti-air weapon?

    Convict, no problem with the barrage balloons as long as they are in a tasteful shade.


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