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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Reston: The Magazine: The Word Find

We've had the galas, the contests, the puzzles, and the visits from the Action McNews teams. What better way to wrap up our earth-toned community's Multiples of 50 celebrations than by sitting in the sunken living room, flipping open the summer issue of Reston: The Magazine conveniently delivered by uniformed federal agents and doing an anniversary-themed word find?

Word Find
Note the subtle reminders that even at this happy milestone, Reston residents must not neglect ("MAINTENANCE") the very Reston-y rules that make Reston None More Reston ("DESIGNREVIEW.") We'd also like to think we inspired the vaguely Soviet photo accompanying the puzzle.

If regulation-themed word finds aren't your cup of tea, the magazine suggests that you might want to gather the entire family around the laptop to purchase your pool passes. Show us how much fun clicking your way through endless drop-down menus might be, Generic Stock Photo Family:

Enjoying Reston dot org

"Mom! Let me buy my 12 and Under pass!"


  1. 1. You gotta love pre-OSHA construction regulations when you could lay brick 25 feet off the ground with nothing but a Fedora to protect you.
    2. The kids in the stock photo must be adopted.

  2. "Maintenance"? "DesignReview"??? "Members"!?! Since when is "membership" in RA optional?

    No, my fellow Restonians, this piece of AgitProp is designed to remind you that, in our little corner of the Old Dominion, the homeowners are the "minions".

  3. Bowling for BollardsApril 30, 2014 at 11:41 PM

    The word find forgot to include "lien" and "assessment".
    So this crapola is what the RA magazine staff does all day to justify their paychecks. Hey, I know where we can make some cuts and save a few bucks. Farcical.


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