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Friday, April 18, 2014

Jelly Jars and Puzzles: The Tributes to Reston's Favorite Centenarian Keep Coming

Smuckers BobThe hits from the Multiples of 50  celebrations just keep coming! First up, we have this exciting jelly jar-themed teevee birthday shout out to Bob Simon on the (alleged) news program, the Today Show.

The best thing? Simon was credited by Cyborg Willard Scott for founding a town, not "loving to bowl" or collecting pig figurines, or something along those lines. Good on him.

But television is ephemeral, fleeting. If you want a more lasting tribute, you can always pick up one of the snazzy new Reston: The Jigsaw Puzzles, on offer through April 25 by your favorite homeowners association. Who wouldn't want to gather in front of a roaring fire and piece together this image?

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At $45 per 500-piece puzzle, that works out to a mere nine cents per piece of jigsaw fun!

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  1. Thomas Paine in the the AssApril 22, 2014 at 12:41 PM

    If it's SiMonUCKERS, it has to be good!


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