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Friday, April 4, 2014

Look Who's Talking: Verbose Canine Wins Reston Video Contest, Does Not Chase Chuck Wagon Across Kitchen Floor

As we gird ourselves for the Multiples of 50 Founders Day festivities beginning this weekend, we can reveal the winner of the Reston: The Video: The Video Contest. There were six finalists, which you can watch here, featuring cute kids, history, artwork -- all awesome, and all very Reston-y. But apparently when a talkin' dog is involved, there is None More Reston. Check it, as the kids haven't said in at least two decades:

Congratulations to Trisha Holman-Pierce and "Banks," the star of Life as a Reston Canine. We all love animals who think they're people (and have the wardrobe to boot), so it's a well-deserved win. We can only hope this brilliant bit of viral marketing will entice other, equally gifted animals, to call Reston home:

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  1. Ah, Banks is so precious. I imagine that everybody falls in love with the flat-faced fella immediately.

    Well, except for the residents of Longwood Grove, that is.


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