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Friday, December 20, 2013

Maybe They Should Have Called It The Bateman: New High-Rise Apartments Feature Vowels, Exercise Equipment

Our BFFs at Reston Now have discovered the name of the high-rise apartments rising from the ashes of Parc Reston along Reston Parkway. Sadly, they didn't go with our first choice (Macaroni Grill View) or our second choice (the trendily vowel-free BLLRDS).

But "The Harrison Apartments" isn't bad, we guess, and very much in keeping with Reston's fancypants image as we move bravely forward into another gilded earth-toned age.

And, in keeping with other fancypants buildings nearby, their pre-leasing website is replete with well-chosen stock art. This part struck us as a bit familiar, though:

Huey Lewis

No word on whether the lease application includes a question about liking Huey Lewis, the end.


  1. Rats. I had chose "Butt Ugly Concrete Monstrosity" in our building name pool. Well, "Harrison" is almost as bad.

    1. It's close! It'll have a yellow brick facade.

      Call it the Bateman Asylum.

    2. They'll rent faster is they add the word Ford

  2. No doubt they got the name from Kurt Vonnegut's "Harrison Bergeron", a reminder of the stark dystopian future that awaits us all under Reston's Handicapper General, Diana Moon Hudgins.

  3. "The Bollard" or perhaps "The Overlook" should be considered. Regardless, I can already hear the lively future debate over which of the building's physique-improving denizens has the more tasteful business card.


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