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Monday, December 23, 2013

Have Yourself an Earth-Toned Little Christmas

Santa on Lake Anne
As Christmas approaches, there's nothing quite like witnessing the annual holiday tradition at Lake Anne, where a redistributionist in a red suit bearing exciting architectural renderings good tidings arrives not by sleigh or reindeer, but rather via the air conditioning system electric boat and is immediately cited by the DRB for violating the color palette. Happy holidays!


  1. Happy Holidaze to all Restonian readers from The Java Master.

  2. Hey, Santa, do you think you could park out on the street instead of on my roof? RA.cited me for reindeer poop on my roof after your last visit.

    I would suggest parking the sleigh in the parking lot, but we have an old battle axe who polices the lot and tows cars at the drop of a ...reindeer excrement.

  3. A belated "Ho! ho! ho!" to this Love Boat Santa... 'cause what this benighted, blighted 'burb needs is its own brothel: THE RESTON PIECE. And does the DRB countermand croaking as well? Why have we no RESTON PEACE funeral home?


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