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Friday, January 4, 2013

Caddyshackpocalypse Now: Golf Course Zoning Hearing Delayed Until May

BillyM.jpegNot being bourgeoise golfers, we don't know the appropriate term for a "time out" in golf (is it a "boogie"?) But that's exactly what we've now got in the ongoing efforts by Northwestern Mutual Life to convert the Reston National Golf Course into the usual midrise bollardy goodness.

The Fairfax County Board of Zoning Appeals hearings for the owners of Reston National Golf Course has been moved from Jan. 30 to May 22.

This is the second time the hearing has been postponed. It originally was scheduled for Oct. 30. The Board of Zoning Appeals did not reveal which side asked for this most recent postponement.
Skeptics pointed to the earlier postponement as an attempt to wait until community outrage died down. If earnest YouTube videos are any measure of activism, there's not much chance of that happening any time soon, though.

So what happens over the next few months? Somewhere in the basement of the Northwestern Mutual Life offices on Sunrise Valley Drive, probably something like this:

Gunga galunga.

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