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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Restonian: Over 1 Million Served

1 million served.jpeg

What does this filthy "web log" have in common with an emporium of fried foods? Besides the surly service, at some point between the hurricane and the election, we served up our millionth fancy "page view," most likely to someone searching the Google for "reston nudists". Of course, we didn't set up our highly sophisticated "web counter" for a few months after this site launched way back in ought-seven, but we're relatively sure hardly anyone was reading it at that point anyway. (Or now, for that matter.)

Proper websites, with SEO-friendly headlines ("How Do I Paint Over My Lavender Trim Before the Covenants Inspector Gets Here?") and whazzitcalled, "linking," tear through those kinds of page views the way the Macaroni Grill goes through kitchen grease. But for us, this is v. v. exciting. So yay! Time to go out and buy a new keyboard, as we seem to have worn out the CTRL+R keys on this one for some unknown reason, the end.


  1. Can you still find keyboards for a Commodore 64? Besides, I thought the C64 had an integrated keyboard.

    Maybe you should consider upgrading to a TRS-80.

  2. Could be worse. If it was an Atari 400, you'd be completely out of luck. Stupid membrane keyboards.

  3. Keep on making posts about Lake Anne to troll up your hits!


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