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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Shocker: Obama Ekes Out a Win in Reston by Razor-Thin 65-35 Margin, Almost Certainly Tipping Virginia and the Nation Writ Large

It's morning in America, or at least in Reston, where a strong showing in Virginia and other swing states allowed us to thumb our noses at Florida with its comical "recounts" and "hanging chads."

We're not Nate Silver or anything, but by our count, Obama won the combined Reston precincts by a 65.4-34.6 margin. Romney did win 9,686 votes in Reston precincts, ensuring some crowded trailers in the FEMA camps once the re-education program "grand bargain" gets underway.

Our BFFs at Patch have precinct-by-precinct results. In Reston's predictably hippy-dippy Lake Anne precincts, Obama captured more than 73 percent of the vote. In the fancypants astronaut school/Sunrise Valley precincts, it was more like 57 and 58 percent in Obama's favor.

But there is a Troubling Trend for those on the blue side of the aisle. Back in 2008, Obama won Reston 66.4 percent to 33.6 percent, meaning his support in Reston slipped by a SHOCKING 1 POINT over the last four years. If this trend continues, he could be in a dead heat with his cyborg Republican counterpart 15 presidential elections from now in 2076. Bet you won't hear Nate Silver talking about that!

Did Fairfax County decide the election by tipping Virginia into the blue column, as observers like Forbes had predicted? Anything's possible -- and if so, Obama has Reston to thank for an outsized share of the vote count, as we outperformed Fairfax's overall 59-39 percent margin of victory by 6 points.

So that's Election 2012 in a nutshell. And now, another four-year break from doing math of any kind that involves decimals, the end.

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  1. I was here
    but now I've gone.
    I left my name
    to carry on.

    Those who knew me,
    knew me well.
    Those who didn't
    probably voted for Willard.


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