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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

An election squeaker: Obama takes Reston by razor-thin 2-1 margin, instead of anticipated 93-1 margin

There goes that mandate! After a nail-biter of a day, Barack Obama won Reston by a razor-thin margin of 66.4 percent to 33.6 percent. Turnout was high -- between 75 and 85 percent across all precincts, though so many people got up early to stand in long lines when the polls opened at 6 am that the precincts were actually quiet by day's end.

Voters at the Sunrise Valley precinct apparently hate hope and unicorns and multiflavored ice cream, though, because only 56 percent of voters there flipped the lever for Obama -- the lowest percentages he garnered in Reston. North Point and Aldrin were almost as in the tank for that sad grampa guy, with only 59 percent of voters in both precincts backing Obama. No doubt they'll be first in line for reeducation once the Obama administration begins its reign of hope-flavored terror.

But the super-close results weren't the only scare. Reston was actually cited in a list of Virginia election irregularities by a voting rights group.

* Early this morning, a Fairfax County police officer reportedly was pulling over African Americans outside a Reston, Va. polling station. Though the officer wasn't writing out tickets, he was checking people's identification.
We wonder if the Russian observers called them out on this. But come on, people! Don't they know we have a MASSIVE CRIME WAVE going on?

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