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Monday, October 8, 2012

Flashback Monday: Lake Anne, Rising From the Primordial Ooze

Contrary to popular legend, Lake Anne Village Center did not rise fully formed from the primordial ooze at the water's edge. Real men, heroic men (and given the time, probably just men) forged it with their hands, using stone and steel and taupe accent trim. Behold these exciting photos from the plaza's "pardon our mess" era:

Please to be enjoying some black-and-white aerial photography of the village center under construction, presumably taken by a U2 pilot on his way to a (slightly) more important mission a bit further south. Someone better add some water to the lake before it gums up the jet-age air conditioning system, though.

village center.jpg
Here's the "J" Building under construction. Dyno-mite!

Heron House.jpg
The Heron House, rising to the stars, or at least above the treeline.

kids fountain.jpg
And finally, a laborer can be seen hard at work on the Children's Fountain, back when kids were allowed to play in it.


  1. Are you sure that's Lake Anne under construction? It still looks like the same barren concrete wasteland today.

  2. Yes, America back in the 1960s used to be a place where kids could roam wild and play free.

    Today, however, the only place more dangerous for kids than the Penn State football lockeroom is the Children's Fountain at Lake Anne.

    But fear not for idle minds of Reston's children because if they can't play, then they can be put to an ever better use serving as propoganda munchin zombies for Operation Rescue Reston's Aborted Golf Course!

  3. The men raced against time as the menacing edge of Lake Anne came ever closer. Would they finish before the dark waters swallowed them whole?

    The suspense is killing me.

  4. Looking at the condition of the lake today, I'd say Lake Anne is well on the way to reverting back to primordial ooze.

  5. Isn't the kids fountain pic backwards? Use a graphics program and do a "mirror" on it and you see the fountain, the south end of the village center on the left (where the drug store eatery is) and across the lake to Heron House. Or am I totally mixed up?

  6. It's a great place to live, really great. I realize you folk who can't live here don't realize it, can't realize it, but it's awesome- even with it's weak retail and all the rest of the problems. It's AWESOME. hahahaha!

  7. My God, it was even uglier then than it is now.


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