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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Reston Real Estate: The High-Low Game, Midrise Edition

Hey, fans of Internet web log games and the Multiple Listing Service! Grab your maps of the nearest golf course, superfund site or cemetery prime for redevelopment and get ready to play everyone's favorite game of Reston real estate wheeling and dealing, the High-Low(tm) Game (R)! And as befits our fancy midrise future, both the apex and nadir of homes on the market in our earth-toned community are condos. Enough of our yakkin, it's time to MOVE ON UP!

Midtown.jpgFirst up is this fancy condo in Midtown Reston. For just $1.75 million, you can get three parking places and "EVERY IMAGINABLE IMPROVMNT*SURRND SOUND" (the second vowel in each word apparently doesn't convey). Start saying those pennies, because for a mortgage of $6,887, you could get these awesome improvmnts:

Kitchen fun.jpeg
When the granite backsplash is taller than the granite counter is deep, you know you're dealing with some awesome surrnds.

Theoreau Place.jpegOn the other end of the spectrum is the opportunity to own a piece of the Reston dream for under $100,000! This lovely home in Thoreau Place is only $99,500. Of course, there's a catch -- it's a 55+ community. And the kitchen is, shall we say, a bit more spartan (and blurry):

Blurry passthrough.jpeg
Flowers visible through the passthrough? That's just a little something those of us not in the real estate business like to call STAGING FOR THE WIN.

Not a fan of apartment condo living on either end of the price spectrum? Luckily for you, the subtle 8-bedroom cottage just off Personal Injury Lawyers Road we visited earlier this year is still on the market for a cool 3.999 million, the end.

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  1. The photo of the kitchen with the passthrough is obviously not a kitchen of a 55-plus Reston resident because if it were the kitchen of a 55-plus Reston resident then there would be a Trader Joe's bag filled with Mediterranean Hummus Snack Packs, a CVS bag containing Viagra and Pepto-Bismol to treat both human and dog diarrhea, a photograph of the 55-plus condo owner's diarrhea prone Shih Tzu and an Amazon box with the lastest U2 cd greatest hits collection all resting on the passthrough.


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