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Friday, August 17, 2012

Reston: The Major Motion Picture

Screen shot 2012-08-17 at 9.54.16 AM.jpgLittle did we know that Reston was the center of global conspiracy and intrigue! Yeah, actually we did know that, but little did we know that it is the center of global cinema conspiracy and intrigue! Confidential Restonian Operative "Joe" shared this exciting tidbit from the new movie The Bourne Legacy, in which the absence of Matt Damon has provided an opportunity for our earth-toned community to seize the spotlight.

I went to see the new Bourne movie last night in the newly refurbished Bow Tie cinema in RTC and lo and behold blow me down with a feather - in the montage of scenes at the start of the movie, they jump from Alaska to Bethesda to London to New York to Manila to Pakistan to , er, Reston VA (OK, not quite in that order, but it sounds better if I tell it that way). It turns out that Edward Norton’s character lives there and in between sleeping and shutting down the project that produced Jason Bourne and killing large numbers of people in the process, he still has time to train for the Reston triathlon between the hours of 4 and 5am.

I recommend you go and see for yourself. Strangely, Reston is in it for all of 5 seconds and the location reference is utterly irrelevant. Makes me think something suspicious is going on, e.g. someone connected with the Reston Association was involved in the production of the movie and insisted on the inclusion.
"Joe" tells us that there's little in Reston's moment in the spotlight that suggests it was actually filmed here -- just Ed Norton running on a dark wooded street. Clearly he missed this climactic chase scene, in which Jeremy Renner makes a daring jump straight into the light-filled "civic center" of Reston Station.

Our BFFs at Turtle Pond Cinema point out another scene is purportedly set at Herndon's Amphora Diner. What, was the Macaroni Grill not available?


  1. The scene that was obviously filmed in Reston was when Jeremy Renner's character was being chased through the Reston Library by the DNA-supercharged assassins disguised as sad shaggy dog story smelly homeless santa claus-bearded guys that hang out at the library all day trying in vain to hack past the library system's porn filters that used to be employed as vice presidents at Northrop Grumman's Reston location. I thought it was interesting that the film even showed the ocean of grease that has dripped from the millions of fried Chick-fil-a chicken sandwiches that have been pulled the library's homeless population over the years from the restaurant's dumpster in Reston that coasts the floor by the Reston Library restrooms. I also thought is was very humanitarian of the film producers to have hired the Reston Library's resident population of bearded homeless former defense contractors as extras for the film.

  2. Checked with the mgt of the Amphora this a.m. Yes, the film makers closed the diner down and filmed for most of the day. All for a one-minute scene. Wouldn't tell me what they paid. Fun fact of the day: Bow-Tie is installing a bar at their Reston multiplex. What kind of wine goes with popcorn?

  3. Ironically, Edward Norton's grandfather was James Rouse, founder of Reston doppelganger, Columbia, MD.

  4. Reston also appeared in a recent episode of "Covert Affairs" seems we have some sort of fancy tech corridor here.

  5. "What kind of wine goes with popcorn?"

    You'll want to choose a boldy stupid passive agressive dysfunctional wine that appeals to the unique palate of your typical high income Northern Virginia redneck that believes overpriced Virginian wines are to the world of wine what the Golden Corral's Chocolate Wonderfall is to the world of Swiss chocolate. Any pre-divorce vintage from Tareh Salahi's and Michaele Salahi's bankrupt Oasis Winery would be perfect with popcorn.

  6. The movie Arlington Road takes place in Reston, starring Tim Robbins as a suspected terrorist. Clue: he has blueprints of the "Reston Mall". Also, one of the characters names is Michael Faraday. Restonian, you need to watch this movie and report on it because of reasons.

  7. There is a CIA building in Reston, VA so when I saw the location reference I smiled because alot of people do not know that the CIA have a comm building in Reston.


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