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Friday, August 3, 2012

Guess the Mauve Bits Pt. 8: The Triumphant Return of the Gaming Sensation You Didn't Even Knew You Missed

Hey, fans of Internet fun and HOA regulations! Fuel up your RC aircraft and get ready to take to the skies as we resurrect everyone's favorite game of guessing mauve bits of our favorite earth-toned community, courtesy of the emerging unchecked surveillance state the friendly Google Maps machine. Inspired by the (false) promise of brand new Buicks, previous "winners" managed to identify various edges of curvy buildings and Escher wannabes in between 7 and 33 minutes, so we thought we'd try to make this one a bit harder. We doubt it'll matter.

Mauve bit.jpg
Attractive, no? Have at it. We'll post another picture of this landmark feature "in context" if no one gets it. Bonus points (or Buicks) if you can figure out guess what this amalgamation of hardware actually does, the end.

Update: You people! Two commenters guessed correctly within a minute of each other at 34 and 35 minutes out, respectively. Still, that's a Guess the Mauve Bits(tm)(R) record! Both commenters correctly identified the unidentified bits as a rooftop feature of the Hyatt at Reston Town Center, as shown in this slightly wider shot:

Mauve bit 2.jpg

Still no idea what it does, but we think it might have something to do with the Triffids.


  1. That's easy! It's the Moon Colony the RA has secretly been building on the dark side of the moon for years. Too bad it'll be part of Fairfax County and powerless to stop developers from building 99-story arcospheres.

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  3. It's on top the Hyatt in the heart of our beloved gritty "urban" core.

    I would venture that it pumps out the smells of freshly baked cookies to drive more people into Panera.

  4. Why, that must be the RA's Soylent Green facility!

  5. I'm fairly certain that the rectangular object with the two fan eyes in the right hand side of the lower image is actually the Mittbot 3000. You'll notice that the Mittbot 3000 appears to be inching its way toward the buildings of Reston Town Center. The buildings, fearing being consumed as part of a Bain Capital Brunch, have sprung to life and seem to be running away in confused chaos from the Mittbot 3000 toward Herndon.

  6. Is on the top of the McDee's Restaurant at our beloved McTacoHut on the corner of Wiehle and Sunset?

  7. Man, I was WAY off with my guess -- I thought it was a set of golf clubs on the Reston greens next to two huge white coffee mugs and some big square cave thing.

  8. Is it too late to enter to play?


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