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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Guess the Mauve Bits Pt. 7: Earth-Toned Escher


Nothing says "slow news week" quite like our ongoing un-contest of mystery easy to identify photos of Reston taken by roving Predator drones the Google machine. We're pretty sure we had a poster of this building up in our dorm room in college, but we wouldn't have guessed in a million years we'd be living near it someday!

As always, make your guess in the comments for your crack at not winning that late-model Buick we keep prattling on about. For those keeping score at home, the over/under on this one should be about 11 minutes.

Update: We have a winner, and it took just seven minutes -- which is a lot less time than it would take to figure out how to get to the top of this twisted triangle of a parking garage.


  1. Parking structure by Plaza America.

  2. There need to be more spray-painted cuss words or crude penis drawings on Reston's rooftops. Come on, bored teenagers... do your job!

  3. Seven minutes for a correct answer -- that's a record. We've never been in this parking garage, but based on how it looks from the air, we're not sure it's possible that cars can actually get to the top level.

  4. Hey, I identified it as soon as I saw it (in October 2013). I can almost see my fifth-floor office window which overlooks the scenic dumpster.


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