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Monday, October 4, 2010

Hey Kids! Can You Identify This Oddly Shaped Building?

Hey, did you know there's this thing the kids call "the Google," and along with helping us learn more about Reston's homicidal nudist past, it also has satellite images of our favorite beige community? You're saying to yourself, "Of course I know this, it's not 1997 and I no longer think my dial-up AOL account is 'the Internet.'"

Okay, so maybe we're slow learners, but in the tradition of the home versions of our other fine games, here is the first in a series of satellite pictures of some of Reston's finest architecture. First person to guess it correctly in the comments gets a brand new Buick the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing they've correctly identified an awesome piece of Reston's urban fabric. We think this one is a piece of cake, but be warned -- some of the future ones we've picked out are much more challenging, assuming we don't lose interest in this in about half an hour and go back to looking for new Hamburglar images to photoshop, the end.

Update: Knew this one would be too easy -- we have (multiple) winners. See the comments.


  1. Too curvy to be the Macaroni Grill. Is it part of USGS?

  2. It's Langston Hughes Middle School! Now more Hamburglar please!

  3. It's the Swan station.

  4. I'm going with Hughes too... I've seen it every which way - imagining the top is pretty easy.

  5. Definitely Langston Hughes. Bring on the other aerial aesthetic assaults -- er, Reston architectural masterpieces.

  6. Knew this one would be too easy -- it is indeed the institutional-looking Hannibal Lecter--er, Langston Hughes Middle School. Anon @ 11:12am wins the non-existent prize, answering a mere 13 minutes after this was first posted.

    Be warned: The next one will be tougher. (Maybe.)

  7. Has any seen Cathy Hudgins? Patch said she would be at the library this afternoon but she wasn't. I even checked at her offices at the police department. Perhaps she is ill or lost and we should start looking for her? Some had said that she was going to take a position with the Obama administration but this was some time ago.


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