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Monday, June 11, 2012

Flashback Monday: Reston: The Map: Part II

Here's the second part of the fancy initial map of Reston, once again festooned with a DRB-approved accent color -- let's call it Soylent Evergreen. While the flip side of the map focuses on the early development around Lake Anne, this section shows the bustling Reston industrial district, complete with the ole' distillery, as well as the earliest construction in Sought After South Reston, which is where they decided to stick all the single-family homes at first (click here to enlarge). Let's take a closer look!

Looks like Isaac Newton Square started out as more of a right angle. Also, note the still-extant railroad tracks where spandex-clad cyclists reign supreme today.

ole distillery.jpg
There's the 'ole distillery, identified by its most famous, and at least partially potable, product.

Exec offices.jpg
The "Reston Executive Offices" sure sound fancy, and were located right where Reston Avenue (now Reston Parkway) dead-ended at Sunset Hills Road. The map isn't exactly precise, but we're pretty sure there's some nondescript office mauvescraper there now.

Finally here's the horse stable that was a major selling point in early-days Reston, before it collapsed -- presumably when the GIANT MUTANT HORSE pictured here accidentally stepped on it, the end.


  1. I wonder if the RIBS buses (were they not simple vans back then?) were running back then?

  2. I seriously doubt any RA lifeguard would approve of the dive being executed by the gentleman in that last photo. He's clearly aiming for the shallow end!


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