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Monday, June 4, 2012

Flashback Monday: Reston: The Map


Please to be enjoying this map, rescued from the earliest days of our beloved earth-toned community (click here for a larger version). We're not sure what to make of the tree-like logo at the top of the page, but we certainly applaud the use of a DRB-approved accent color as a highlight; let's call it Rotting Avocado. Note the conspicuous lack of Wiehle Avenue and the fancy circular visitor's center, where people could marvel at a scale model before being shown around. We never knew that there was a garden shop in the later location of the grosery. Also, was that stretch of North Shore that snakes below the Delong Bowman House the part that would become the not-temporary Temporary Road, or something completely different? (Maybe they called it Permanent Road back then.)

giant boat.jpg
We're impressed by the size of the sailboat in Lake Anne; perhaps the U.S. Navy lent Gulf Reston a tall ship to draw in the customers.

The iconic gas station at Lake Anne was still "coming soon", but it looks like they had their priorities straight. Also, there was this helpful comment, which serves as sort of a roadmap of things to come:

Next week: the early-days map of Sought-After South Reston, mutant horses and all!

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