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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Spotted: The Next Sign of the Apocalypse, Self-Driving Cars


Alert Confidential Restonian Operative "Andrew" shared this photo of one of Google's fancy self-driving cars on Spring Street in Herndon, guiding itself ominously towards Reston. (Actually, "Andrew" reports that there was someone in the driver's seat, given that self-driving cars are currently only legal in Nevada.) All we know is that given the California plates, someone's errant Google Maps query for "Macaroni Grill near former site of nudist colony+earth tones" must have gone very wrong.


  1. Are they finally going to do street views of Reston? I've always wondered why my street was never visible.

  2. Well, I think it's pretty obvious that the explanation for a self-driving car with California plates being spotted in Herndon is that the self-driving car GPS was instructed by its owner to drive to the nearest town with a paranoid population of declining majority white folk opposed to day labor centers, the majority of the declining majority of which later morphed from a rabid gang of anti-illegal immigrant patriots to a more respectable brand of paranoid Bible-thumpin' gun-totin' cracker teabaggers, that town being, of course, Herndon.

    The instruction to the self-driving car GPS computer was probably this: "Computer, oh computer, are you awake? Ok. Please drive to the philosophical birth place of the birther movement."

  3. Wasn't this picture actually taken in Herndon?


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