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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Meanwhile, in the Anti-Reston: The Times, They Are A Changin' (Sort Of)

evil spock.jpegThey may not cotton to our fancy big city ideas of stacking tall polygons near mass transit and have a sense of entitlement about the name of a Metro station that isn't even in their town, but things appear to be changing in our neighbor to the west, and we don't just mean about the townfolk becoming less obscene.

How much have things changed? The guy who said this didn't get elected mayor.

Security: Yes - and more in some neighborhoods than others. Convincing those who would prey on our residents and businesses to leave will remain tied as my number one issue. We have an excellent police force, an excellent zoning department, and citizens who care. We are a TEAM and together we need to maintain pressure on 'bad performers'.
Six years ago, this subtle rhetoric might have lead to a landslide of Reagan-beats-Mondale-plus-Dukakis-plus-Jimmy-Carter-at-the-same-time-with-one-hand-tied-behind-his-back proportions. So that and some fun letters to the editor about "sanctuary cities" notwithstanding, things appear to be changing for the better next door.

On the other hand, though, Herndon's first (and only) gay bar has apparently shut down. Two steps forward, one step back, etc., etc., the end.


  1. It appears that So Addictive lost all of their business to the AYCE sausagefest at Jackson's.

  2. I'm actually glad the bar is gone - not because I'm particularly opposed to having a gay bar in the town, but because that particular bar just seemed shady (both before and after the hoisting of the rainbow flag). Dark windows, not particularly clean on the outside, mostly empty most of the time. Hopefully another business will move in - maybe even a coffee shop (which the bar was originally, and which I think they should have kept!).

    1. "Dark windows, not particularly clean on the outside, mostly empty most of the time."

      Add extraordinarily bad service, so-so food, and you've got Kalypso at Lake Anne.

  3. The owner of the gay bar in Herndon was just stuck in another disco time zone with a YMCA-era gay business plan that doesn't work in the age of Facebook...dark and dank gay bars in the shady part of town morphed into Caribou Coffee outlets located upscale malls.

  4. Peasant From Less Sought After South RestonMay 2, 2012 at 9:57 PM

    Given how close So Addictive was to the nearby thrift shop, I'm surprised they didn't get more customers who were coming out of The Closet.


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