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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bummer: SLHS Principal Retiring


Sad news: South Lakes High School Principal Bruce Butler is retiring at the end of the school year.
He announced his decision in a letter to parents and students on Monday.

Butler began his career in education as an earth science teacher at Herndon High in 1981. He was named assistant principal at Herndon High in 1993, then moved to South Lakes as an assistant principal in 1998. He was named principal of South Lakes in June 2005.
By all accounts, Butler changed the climate at South Lakes, which had, at times, been less than stellar before he became principal. He also saw the school through a contentious redistricting process that, among other things, generated the most incontrovertible argument ever about the evils of redistricting, in convenient toy form, largely by setting an example for students and faculty that enabled them to ignore some pretty unbelievable attacks on the school by entitled Oakton parents future Seahawks. He even managed to get windows for the school, which was built without them for some reason known only to school architects of that era.

Fairfax County will soon hold a community meeting to garner feedback on Butler's replacement. We'd encourage county school officials to find someone committed to the mission statement in the fancy image above.


  1. And, of course, Principal Butler is also responsible for cleaning up South Lakes High School after the school's most powerful tool of economic development - production of conterfeit currency - was put out of business by the feds, which, unfortunately, deprived Reston's military industrial complex of corrupt defense contrators of the much needed next generation of con men skilled in the art of using phoney money to wage phoney wars.

    Principal Butler will be missed. Our country was stronger with him at the helm. No to mention the fact that the dollars bills being carried around in the purses and wallets of Restonians during his reign were actually WORTH a dollar.

  2. SLHS may indeed "value diversity" as does the Bd. of Education, but "diversity" never improved a single grade and is overated as an educational value. Don't believe me? Just wait until the U.S. Supreme Cort hammers the final nail into affirmtaive action's coffin come June...

  3. Oh my, Restonian...looks like a new crowd has moved in to your blog...

  4. That's right, Native, there's a new marshall in town, one who doesn't buy any of the Cumbayah crapola about Reston, the bureaucratic and meddlesome RA, the seemingly unending cult fandom status of Bob Simon, or the liberal worship of "diversity" as an educational or cultural value.


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