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Friday, January 20, 2012

Police Charge 3 in December Crescent Apartments Shooting; All Believed to Have Fled the Country


Fairfax County police have charged three men in the December murder of Colvin Morris at Crescent Apartments near Lake Anne.
Investigation has led police to charge three individuals in this case. Jose Santos Ponce Zuniga, 31, has been charged with murder. Amilcar Noel Urbina Zelaya, 29, and Saul Pacheco Mejia, 45 were both charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine. All three are believed to have fled the country.
Seems to fit the earlier assertions by police that this was a "drug deal gone bad." And if they've fled the country, there's always hope that like the butt slasher, they too will eventually be brought to justice.


  1. On my 6 mile commute this AM I noticed two FCPD working Glade and Soapstone. Radar an an unmarked Crown Vic at Fox Mill and Monroe.

    What are FCPD's priorities? Gold burglars, the butt slasher, and now murderers get away clean. But heaven help those scofflaws whose car-tax payment is late!

  2. Cocaine distribution: just another one of those jobs for which we can't find enough qualified America citizens to do the work.

  3. Why is it that the only people you ever hear about with Punic first names are murderers? First, Hannibal Lecter, and now Amilcar Zelaya. If you ever meet a guy named Hasdrubal, run!

  4. The priorities of the FCPD are to increase revenue to the County via traffic tickets. Other than that, their budget has been reduced. A direct correlation as to why crime goes up.


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