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Monday, January 23, 2012

Flashback Monday: 'Reston Today," Ca. 1975

reston today.jpg

In a discovery that will shock fans of Reston's fancy video news segments, it turns out that the title "Reston Today" was coined well before the advent of Betamax. This 1975 fact sheet provides a treasure trove of information about our beloved earth-toned community in the midst of the oil crisis, platform shoes, and [insert generic 70s reference here]. So what can we learn about yesterday's today?

Reston facts.jpg
The Reston of 1975 was only about one-third of its way to its present size. It had just under 5,000 jobs for a population of 26,000, meaning that the ongoing debate over commercial-residential balance is hardly a new one.

Speaking of neighborhoods, here's a list of the ones on the books back in 1975:

We like the term "Council of Clusters." Sounds a bit like the League of Justice, only with Pantone swatches.

Fortunately, there was already lots to do in Reston. Among the listed "recreational facilities," the horse stables appear to have still been standing. And these strange companies kept appearing under "utilities" -- outfits like "Virginia Electric and Power Co." "Washington Gas Light Co." and "C&P Telephone Co. of Virginia." Where are the listings for Internet providers? Guess we'd have to check the mail for a CD-ROM 3.5" 5.25" floppy disk from CompuServe or something.

And finally, as we wait for funky parallelograms to rise from the ground, please to be checking out the new architectural hawtness ca. 1975, along with a slogan almost as catchy as Live, Work, Play and Get Involved(tm):

For times like these.jpg
The russet brown water stains probably weren't on the original document back in 1975, but they're certainly appreciated.


  1. In 1975 you'd be looking for an 8" floppy or a disk pack. As for generic 70's reference, Disco is de rigueur!

  2. "insert generic 70s reference here"

    OK. How about W-I-D-E, as in

    Wide hair
    Wide sideburns
    Wide bell bottoms
    Wide lapels
    Wide ties
    Wide cars - Huzzah for the AMC Pacer!

    But unlike the 20-oughties or 20-tens,

    NO wide asses. Just wise asses.

  3. Funny, I thought the platform shoes were evocative of disco. How about key parties? You can't tell me there wasn't some serious action going on beyond those Russet Brown facades back in the day.

  4. Skyrockets in flight!

  5. Huzzah to you 1970s Relic! Spot on about the backsides. Another great thing about the 70s-no political correctness!


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