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Monday, December 12, 2011

Breaking: Shooting at Crescent Apartments, Search for Suspects Continues

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That helicopter hovering over Lake Anne? Apparently a shooting at Crescent Apartments.

Police are investigating a late-afternoon shooting in Reston that left one man wounded.

Police say the man was shot in the 1500 block of Cameron Crescent Drive.

Authorities are searching for three suspects.
From the Action McNews Live Chopper:

More photos here.

Suspects apparently believed to be in a black pickup truck.

Update: Channel 9 reports that the shooting victim has died.
It happened at around 4:15 p.m. on 1554 Cameron Crossing Road, police said.

Fairfax County Police said the victim of the shooting was taken to Reston Hospital, where they pronounced him dead.

Police said they're looking for a black Chevy pickup truck occupied by three Hispanic males in their 20s, with a black handgun.
Police say they believe there is "no threat to public safety."

Update: The victim's name is all over Twitter, but has not been officially released by police as of this morning. A Confidential Restonian Operative shared this photo of the Park Police helicopter that took part in yesterday's search.


Update: Police have formally identified the victim as Colvin Morris, 34, of Mt. Vernon. No word on his connection to the apartment where the shooting took place, but "police are confident that this incident was not random and that there continues to be no threat to the safety of the public," an official statement read.

Update: Fairfax County police said Thursday night that they believe the shooting to be the result of a "drug deal gone bad," not gang-related activity:
Fairfax County Police Second Lt. Tim Settle said at Thursday's Reston Association Board of Directors meeting that the shooting "appears to be over a drug deal gone bad."

"Detectives are actively looking at all leads," he said. "This was not gang related."

Morris, who lived on Richmond Highway in Alexandria but is believed to have grown up in Reston, was shot in the parking lot in the 1500 block of Cameron Crescent Drive about 4:15 p.m. Monday.


  1. Rest in peace, Colvin Morris. My condolences to your friends, family and acquaintances.

  2. My initial reaction when I heard this had happened, as when I've heard about other violent crime in the area (armed robberies at Washington Plaza), is to wish that the apartment complex could be razed to the ground, thereby forcing the assorted Section 8-subsidized criminals to move somewhere outside of my neighborhood.

    Barring that, how do we get FCPD, DEA, and maybe even FBI to direct their attention to the persistent street crime and possibly organized gang crime present at CC?

    Would a lawsuit directed at the property management firm that negligently turns a blind eye to the assorted criminal activity help? Anybody with any legal background know if this could be made into a class action suit from those of us living in the neighborhood whose property is being devalued by this blight?

  3. I should also add that the (presumably numerous) decent normal families living at CC would also be well advised to find some way to exert financial pressure on the county and the property management firm. Maybe that's the only way this blighted heap on the hill will be fixed.

  4. Fedlight, Supervisor Hudgins will not do anything to help here. She has a tradition of ignoring her constituents and "section 8" is her baby, so don't even try to go there (even if the community suffers greatly).

    Ask HOAs that have public housing-owned units. Ask them how the Housing Dept manages those properties. The Housing Dept disrespects these communities (and their resident) "because the're Fairfax County" and disrespect the declaration of these places constantly.

  5. Did the victim or the perps even live in CC? Why were they there? I hope we get more details. I live near there, and I'm very concerned.

  6. Anon 8:38

    A murder was commited on our doorstep, is it somehow better if they live somewhere else? Just to make sure that you know, YES there are gangs and gang activity in Reston.

  7. Colvin Morris went to South Lakes and grew up in Reston, so it is no surprise that he was in Reston. Obviously, we dont know about the perps yet

  8. Shot three times in the head definitely sounds like gang activity.

  9. I have worked all my life. I had my own business, beautiful house, cars, and money to spare. But due to a spinal injury among other things I lost everything. Those that hate the idea of affordable housing for the less forturnate,beware lest you become the less forturnate,tomorrow is not garanteed.


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