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Thursday, August 25, 2011

For Reston: The Magazine, 'Fall Fun' Involves Cluster Reserve Studies

Fall wordsearch.jpg

What better way to pass the sleepless, nerve-wracking hours after being jolted awake in the middle of the night by an 4.5-magnitude earthquake aftershock than solving this fancy word-search in the latest edition of Reston: The Magazine? Just make sure to do it in pencil, in case you have to erase it and do it all over again once Hurricane Irene knocks out power this weekend and your fancy iPhone battery dies.

Either way, it's a great reminder of all the fun fall activities we have to look forward to, including energy audits and cluster association reserve studies. Can't wait to break out the turtlenecks and adding machine!

What else is in this issue of Reston: The Magazine? Glad you asked, so we can justify the time we spent leafing through it while looking for the word search:
  • Dear Leader pens a column about biking, where we wonders why he doesn't see many kids biking Reston paths. They're probably busy "web logging" or something.

  • More hawtt truck-on-dirt action at Wiehle Station.

  • Some nice pictures of the Sunrise Valley Wetland Nature Park, which is apparently not our basement after heavy rain. Seriously, it looks nice. We'll have to check it out sometime.

  • An interesting profile of legitimately interesting Juliette Rossant titled "Reston Royalty." Funny, I thought we were living in an autonomous collective.

  • A cautionary tale of the foreign army that's currently headquartered in Occupied Reston, also known as Sunrise Valley Drive.

If you haven't received your copy of Reston: The Magazine in the mail yet, be sure to ask your nearest uniformed federal agent if it's sitting in his truck, the end.


  1. Oooh!! I'm so psyched! I majored in Cluster Reserve Studies in reform school!!

  2. Has Robert E Simon considered the possibility that kids are trying to avoid him?

  3. My kid loves Bob Simon! Of course, he's too young to be out on a bike by himself with playing cards pushed through the spokes, or whatever.


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