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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lookit: Lake Anne Featured in the Washington Post, With One Glaring Error

_12] Lake Anne [The Fountain].JPG.jpegThe Washington Post "news paper" runs this retro nostalgia section called "Real Estate," which hearkens back to the days when people would pick up said "news paper" to look for printed listings of homes for sale, rather than scan the Craigslist giveaways section for serviceable used appliance boxes. Anyhoo, the Post decided to feature Lake Anne Village in its weekly "Where We Live" section, and the article has a major factual error. See if you can find it!

The plaza’s gray-concrete-and-tan-brick 1960s architecture is striking — the modern buildings were designed by James Rossant, a student of Walter Gropius at Harvard. But many commenters on the popular local blog Restonian, and elsewhere, complain that the plaza could use a facelift.
You guessed it -- this blog has never been popular.

Other than that, the article reliably covers the bases -- it mentions the ukulele festival, the jet-age air conditioning, and something called ROMEOS -- Reston Older Men Enjoying Outdoor Sports, which itself sounds like something you'd find on Craigslist, albeit in a slightly different category than real estate. It also touches on recent redevelopment issues:
Lake Anne is one of seven areas on which the Fairfax County Office of Community Revitalization and Reinvestment has chosen to concentrate its efforts. Consultants working with the office recently released a report suggesting that Lake Anne position itself as a dining destination and centralize its management to deal with issues such as updating infrastructure and coordinating business hours.

Some planners also say the area would benefit from more density — Simon’s original plan called for several high-rises, but only Heron House was built. In 2009, Fairfax County approved rezoning that would allow more residential and commercial buildings to be built on what is now the plaza’s parking lot, but developers have yet to sign on.
All true, sadly -- and something that will have to be addressed if Lake Anne is ever to reach its full potential.


  1. What do you mean "...if Lake Anne is ever to reach its full potential"? It has already reached its full potential. We're just unable to appreciate it as the Gray Lady of Reston.

    It's either that or those pesky North Reston types scared that Lake Anne might be keeping their property values from reaching the full potential.

  2. The Convict is correct -- Lake Anne is long past it's peak, and is a fair distance down the slippery slope. The trick now is to "head toward the light" with whatever dignity it can muster.

  3. It has already reached its full potential... as an ugly, economically unviable, concrete eyesore. Plow it under and salt the ground. Lake Anne Plaza delenda est!

    I'm surprised the Post didn't quote any of John Lovaas' NIMBY whining about revitalization. But that will no doubt be the subject of his next tirade in the Connection!

  4. I'm always perplexed why the usual suspects always trash Lake Anne whenever it's mentioned online. It may not have the chewy chain goodness of RTC, but that type of development's gotten to be a dime a dozen of late. They even duplicated it in BRAMBLETON, for god's sake. At least Lake Anne is unique.

  5. I love living at Lake Anne... say what you want... and my property values have actually increased some during all this turmoil...

  6. @ anonymous 8:56 PM:

    It's "long past its peak," not "long past it's peak."

  7. Grammar Nazi,

    I stand corrected, how stupid of me.

    Anon 8:56

  8. @ Anon 9:54

    I live on Lake Anne, and if your property values have increased over what they were 3 years ago you are one of the very few. Those of us who live on the Plaza have certainly seen ours drop over the last few years. The only time you know what the true value is, is when you put it on the market.

  9. Peasant From Less Sought After South RestonAugust 25, 2011 at 12:08 PM

    The fact that we haven't yet seen in this discussion a "go stuff your fat face with all you can eat breadsticks" comment is proof positive that Lake Anne's most loyal defender, Hickory Cluster Knukcle Duster, indeed appears to have abandoned this filthy web-log.


    On a totally different subject, I'm pretty sure I spotted a coyote this morning at 10:00 a.m. hightailing it east across Soapstone about halfway between Glade and Sunrise Valley.

  10. Peasant --

    Don't know where HCKD went, but I'll assume his mantle with a twist: Go move to a townhouse near the Brambelton Town Center and stuff your fat face with the aforementioned all-you-can-eat breadsticks.

  11. Methinks thou doth protest too much, Restonian. This blog IS popular. It's quality, not quantity, that counts and yours are among Reston's smartest readers.

  12. "At least Lake Anne is unique."

    Nah, there are lots of shabby, dilapidated, uninteresting, and unprofitable 1970s strip malls in Fairfax County.

  13. I say kudos to Restonian for the mention -- obviously what you're hosting here has garnered some attention. We desperately need a place to grouse or let off steam, and you provide it. So well done, and THANK YOU!

  14. Marianne and anon 10:47 -- Not trying to have a pity party; just making an obvious joke. Come to think of it, that describes 99 percent of what's on this site.


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