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Monday, July 11, 2011

For Three Minutes and Fifty-Six Seconds, Relive the Excitement of the Reston Festival (and some Ukuleles)

With more transitions than a preschool graduation, this fancy video captures the zeitgeist of this weekend's Reston Festival. SPOILER ALERT: Andy Sigle is back, with a rare walk-on cameo. There's also some fire breathing to an old Duran Duran song, plus a contortionist and a whip-wielding street performer that might have made Lenny Bruce blush.

The festival theme was "Reston through the Decades," so there's more character acting than in a 70s sitcom in this fancy video. We also get a look at the "Wheel of Reston," which festivalgoers could spin to win, wedunno, a vintage DRB citation from the 1960s or coupons for Memco or something.

Oh, and Lake Anne had its second annual Ukulele Festival. Our BFFs at Patch were far braver than us:

BTW, we tried to turn off the embed feature that automatically plays the twee uke music as soon as the page loads. YOU'RE WELCOME.


  1. Uke 'til ya puke...

    It's the Hawaiian secret of longevity: Look at Don Ho, who lived to be 77!

  2. Hey! That's me in the hula hoop. :D


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