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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What Would a Reston Memorial Garden Look Like?

While people often complain that Reston seems dead, it's famously known that plans for a cemetery were purposefully left out of our earth-toned community because Bob Simon was not a fan of the funeral industry. But we might get the next best thing: a shiny memorial garden.

One of the most intriguing elements of the Public Art Master Plan for Reston is the idea of creating "a place for quiet contemplation as well as small gatherings or memorial services." (The closest thing Reston currently has to such a space is Freedom Grove, which includes a memorial by Reston artist Kathy Kaplan.) IPAR, the group overseeing the public art initiative, has created a committee that's developing a scope for the project, and the RA may wind up helping identify possible sites for the garden. Community input will presumably be a big part of identifying the site, selecting an artist and approving the design.

It's a seriously good idea, but what would such a memorial space look like? We're not part of the IPAR committee, but with tongue planted firmly in cheek, we'll humbly share a few design possibilities, based on our years as an understudy to Frank Gehry:

The Eternal Flame of DRB Violator Torment. Forget fire and brimstone, this is the real deal.

This seems appropriate for Brown's Chapel.

pigeons by whitfield gardens.png
The Tomb of the Unknown Tagger (ideally located in an underpass).

The Macaroni Grill Doomsday Clock, sealed in amber at three minutes to midnight.

For our friends in Herndon.

The Pre-Metro Memorial to Getting Across Town in 5 Minutes or Less*
(*bicycle access only)


  1. I am so surprised that you didn't include any of the Yugoslavic monuments presented to us by one of the other anonymous commenters a could days ago:
    Any of these would fit perfectly into the Reston landscape, especially near Lake Anne.

  2. It would be a fun experiment to put the next bit of tagging graffiti someone finds in a tunnel behind plexiglass and add a little brass plaque under it. How many people would think it was art then?


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