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Monday, May 16, 2011

Pardon the Interuption, or Why Blogger is About as Reliable as RELAC in August

atari 800x1-3.jpegIf you noticed a couple of posts on this filthy "web log" disappear, then reappear out of order, then disappear again over the last few days, don't be alarmed -- you didn't drink some tepid lake water by accident. It turns out it was a problem with the fancy Googles all along. And we thought it was the Atari 800 that powers all "web logging" services at Restonian World Headquarters.

Things are more or less back to normal, but a whole bunch of comments people left, mostly on Thursday, are still somewhere out there in the ether. They will supposedly be restored at some point, but we're not holding our breath, which is why the folks at the Reston Museum really should be printing out a hard copy of this "web log" every day and putting it behind glass for future generations to enjoy, the end.

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