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Friday, May 13, 2011

On the YouTubes: We Watch the Reston Association Videos So You Don't Have To

April showers bring May's installment of fancy video news from the Reston Association. Right off the bat, we're posed with a question that has vexed us for months: Now that Andy Sigle has taken his spot on the RA Board, will his dulcet tones return to these videos? Host Melissa Knueven is coy on the subject, merely saying she's "filling in" for Mssr. Sigle, leaving us to ponder this for the next five minutes and 33 seconds of earth-toned video action.

"Spring is in the air," Knueven notes, as B-roll footage shows someone skateboarding across a traffic-clogged Sunset Hills Road. We're already on the edge of our seats! Then there's talk about sustainability, including a helpful definition of what the term means from the United Nations (cough cough New World Order). Hunter Mill Supervisor Cathy Hudgins stands at Lake Anne Plaza to talk about a "new community-wide green initiative," which was kicked off on Founder's Day and will be discussed again at a community forum in October, assuming anyone can get there when gas is $11 a gallon and the global economy has collapsed if it's a rainy day.

Then we get hawtt shovel-in-dirt groundbreaking footage of the Reston Station development and some equally hawtt trees-in-dirt footage about Arbor Day, which we once again forgot to mark on our calendar. There's also talk about the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps, because the kinds of idealistic folks who ventured out into the world in the 1960s were also the kinds of people who looked at this idealistic "new town" growing in the countryside outside of Washington and thought it might be a good place to settle down, which is actually kind of impressive, the end.


  1. These ugly concrete monstrosities would look right at home in Lake Anne Plaza!

  2. Is it me, or are some of those monuments in the previous link actually weirdly beautiful? Either way, you could replace the LA fountain with a couple of them and I'm not sure anyone would notice.


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