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Monday, May 16, 2011

Flashback Monday: The 'Heart of Reston'

heart of reston.jpeg

Set the wayback machine to the early '90s, an time marked by global conflict in a strange place called Iraq and the redefinition of the rock era in a place called Seattle, where a young lad by the name of Kurt Cobain was redefining the rock world and wearing lots of flannel. Meanwhile, here in Reston, folks were still apparently rocking the pastels and sweet aviator sunglasses. Paging Sonny Crockett!

This fancy real estate ad somehow manages to simultaneously steal and muddle the taglines from two major advertising campaigns of the era with its "The Heart of Reston" and "This is the Life!" taglines. "We've seen countless developers try to recreate our neighborhoods, but none of them compare to the beauty of Reston," the breathless advertising copy enthuses, a claim which would be easier to believe if the lovely homes pictured surrounding our pastel doppelgangers' lovely boat weren't among the blandest, least Reston-like structures in the new town's entire housing stock. But this was in the midst of the final hurrah of building out North Reston, so we guess that's just a given.

On the plus side, it's good to see that Rick Astley got work as a model in the early 90s.


  1. Why can't I embiggen the picture?

  2. Detective Anna Na MissMay 16, 2011 at 12:16 PM

    to anon 10:25 - Here is the link to the GMU archives, where you can click on the thumbnail at the bottom for a slightly larger version of the brochure. It's still really hard to decipher:

  3. A little over-dressed for a "Sunfish" don't you think. Hey folks, YOU SIMPLY ARE GOING TO GET WET!

  4. Isn't amazing that there's no mention of Section 8; Stonegate, "village" centers, integrated 'hoods, subterranean schools, RELAC and all of the other oddities of Reston?

  5. You didn't just Rickroll us, did you Restonian?


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