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Monday, April 4, 2011

This Week in Crime: Reston Town Center Starts Earning Its Reputation as a Real Downtown

Turns out that Reston Town Center is a bit more gritty and authentic than we originally thought:

Police responded to a report of an assault outside of the McCormick and Schmick’s restaurant at 11920 Democracy Lane shortly after midnight Monday, April 4. A 24-year-old Herndon man suffered apparent stab wounds following an altercation between him and an acquaintance during a birthday celebration the two were attending at the restaurant. The victim was transported to Reston Hospital but later flown to Inova Fairfax Hospital where he is in stable condition.

There was also a second man, age 28 of Fairfax, who suffered wounds when he tried to intervene. He was also transported to Reston Hospital.

Police have identified a suspect, who left the scene, but no charges have been placed yet. The investigation is continuing.
Anyone with information is asked to contact Fairfax County Crime Solvers at 1-866-411-TIPS/8477 or

A business at RTC was also burglarized last Wednesday.
The T-Mobile store at 1837 Fountain Drive was burglarized around 2:47 a.m. on Wednesday, March 30. An investigation determined entry was forced through a door and merchandise appeared to be stolen from the store.
Okay, RTC, you've convinced us. Between the birthday stabbing and the burglary, you're a Fake Downtown no more.


  1. It looks like RTC/AWOD is trying to out-gulag South Reston.

  2. Getting more like Ballston every day!

  3. Just wait until the Metro gets here!

  4. Jak may be prophetic.

    When Metro opened in Crystal City we had an influx of DC junkies prowling offices for wallets, purses and sellable office gear.

    One may hope that Reston's established gangs will defend turf from interlopers. The prospect of a machete showdown under the shelter of Reston Station's second-hand steel art exhibit boggles.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I think it's so funny how these suburb kids think they are so hard core, they have tattoos and try to act all hard and shit. While their mommies and daddies make $300,000 a year.

    This douche kitty with his neck tattoos who stabbed his friend is now going to spend 10 to 15 in state prison, because his ex-wife was dancing with his friend's girlfriend.

    What a fucking loser. Fatherless child! Didn't your father raise you enough to know that you don't resort to violence, unless you want to end up in prison? Fuck! My father is a special forces ranger from Vietnam, and he taught me to never use violence unless it was life or death, unless I was willing to spend some time in prison.

    Any well raised person knows that stabbing someone only means that you are the loser who is about to spend time behind bars. But I guess if you can't resolve problems like a rational person, that doesn't make sense.

    I did hear from the manager of McCormick and Schmicks tonight that this limp dicked loser was arrested shortly after the stabbings, in his apartment.

    I just hope the cops were like "oops, sorry you just fell down the stairs" and "oops, I'm sorry you slammed your head into the doorway of the car 15 times while we tried to gently place you into the back seat of our cruiser".

    Asshole eminem wangsta wannabes like this doucheria faggot need to be pistol whipped and beaten down like a dog. Fuck some ass who would stab a guy in the kidney at a bar.

  7. I just hope this asswad loser gets charged with aggravated assualt, attempted murder, drunk in public, carrying a concealed weapon, possesion of a deadly object with intent to harm, possessing a deadly weapon while intoxicated, possessing a dealy weapon during a felony assualt, felony assualt, etc etc etc.

    This tattoo neck asswipe needs to be in state or federal prison for decades.

    The asshole has tattoos on his fucking neck! He was asking to be a low life scumbag murderer.

  8. To the Editors of, please don't just delete my expletive laden comments.

    I hope that you'll either leave my comments intact as a representation of the hatred of this violent act, or you will at least edit my comments judiciously.

    We don't hate just this single violent act, we hate the elements within our community that can and will do these violent acts. They are like a virus or disease within our community.

  9. To the editors of,
    I cant believe you allow a person such as "B" to say things on here without fact. He doesnt know what happened, and is without fact. The situtation occured and what this person "B" is posting is NOT FACT. He has NOT been Charged with anything, he was never arrested, he doesnt live in an apartment, he doesnt have an ex-wife, he is happily married, he is not fatherless. He is a great man happily married with children, has a career and this happened to him, a damn shame. Hes not a criminal, it an unfortunate situation that occured. He went to the bday party of the 24 yo with about 20 others. The 24 year olds birthday party that he shared with his MARRIED Girlfriend (yes she is married still) knows the WIFE of the guy that was in this altercation, they went to highschool together. The man in the altercation JUST MET THIS 23yo person turning 24yo at his party, THE FIRST TIME EVER MEETING HIM. FACTS!!! Person "B" you dont know any facts and all of what you typed is incorrect, but the fact that he as tattoes is correct, thats the only fact you have correct. You need to get your facts straight, bc what you wrote is considered slander and a cease and decist could be placed against you if you were identified.

  10. That may be so, Anon, but B gets the points because his rant had much more style than yours. There's nothing quite like a good head of self-righteous indignation even if the facts aren't quite right.

  11. Pittsburgher in Paradise (Formerly BiCO)April 20, 2011 at 3:12 PM

    Regardless as to whether or not the commentary of "B" or "Anonymous" is accurate I can't help but think "white-trash" in my mind to cause a violent altercation in a public venue like this over something so trivial. I endured a LOT of shenanigans during my tenure in Reston, but the thought of inflicting harm upon anyone in private---let alone in public---never crossed my mind. Classy bunch!


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