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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

On the YouTubes: Forget March Madness, Let's Watch People Lifting Heavy Objects For Sport

You may think you're a bit of a badass, what with riding your bike along the soon-to-be-artified W&OD Trail, but check out your fellow Restonians lifting heavy objects such as tires and whatnot during the first annual strongman competition at Crossfit Reston. And we can thank our community's unique aesthetics for making the event legit!
The brainchild of Barry Perkins, 44, former strongman and founder of the Edge 2.0 training group, the Capital Classic was the first competition of its kind in Fairfax County.

The Capital Classic Strongman Challenge concept began in Perkins' Reston backyard. He and his strongman buddies would get together to lift atlas balls and large tires to train for upcoming events.

Naturally, this didn't sit well with his suburban Reston neighbors.

"The neighbors did not like it at all," he said.
Maybe they should have tried lifting some earth-toned objects, as opposed to the neon yellow car you can watch a woman hoist in this exciting but unembeddable video.

Fun fact about your Restonian: We would have been right there power-lifting two-door sedans and whatnot in this fancy video, but tragically a last-minute paper cut kept us from entering. There's always next year!

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  1. It's never First Annual.
    First Ever

    but it can't be annual until a year passes and they do it again

    Grammar Police


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